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I had tried other job portals but in vain. Looking for a civil engineering job in the UAE, being a civil engineer myself with 15 years of experience, seemed like an impossible task and I had almost lost all hope when a friend told me about Jobslead.

I have 3 school going children and just providing for them was not an option for me; I wanted to give them a better education and securer future that was not possible with the money I was making in my old job.

Through Jobslead, I found a stable career opportunity with the one of the UAE’s real estate development giants. After a few months, I was able to bring my whole family to Sharjah where we’re settled now and by the grace of God we are leading a good life and my kids are going to good schools.

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I am a single parent of two young kids and my husband died two years ago in an occupation-related accident. I knew that the little insurance money wouldn’t last forever and decided to make use of my Master’s degree in Education in these hard times.

I searched for teaching jobs on Jobslead and found countless options to choose from. Teaching job also suited me best because my youngest kid aged 3 could also be admitted in the same school enabling me to focus more on educating children while at the same time being entitled to discounts on his tuition.

This was an ideal arrangement I was looking for which Jobslead turned into a reality. Today, I’m enjoying a handsome salary teaching at one of the city’s top schools while enjoying big waivers on my kids’ tuition as all of them are now studying at the same school.

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I was a fresh architecture graduate and despite a wholesome education, no career opportunity looked perfect enough for me to sign for. The interview calls I got were either from irrelevant companies or they didn’t match my profile. Getting caught in a wrong job for the rest of my life and taking the first misstep were the last things I wanted with my career.

I had lost all hope in online job portals as none returned the results I desired. But Jobslead changed my mind. Within weeks of applying through the portal, I started getting good interview calls and it was only after a couple of interviews that I found the right first job that would enable me to pursue my career goals effectively.

This is my third year in this job and I’ve already touched the managerial level, with greater growth in the pipeline. I thank Jobslead for connecting me with the right employer and turning my career dreams into a reality.

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