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An overseas recruitment agency in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE that you can trust

An overseas recruitment agency in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE that you can trust

Are you an employer in Dubai or UAE looking for top quality human resource to further your organizational goals? Or are you a jobseeker looking for jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other parts of the UAE and GCC? Jobsleed gives you the solution you need to excel in your career and succeed in your business. We find you the right career opportunity in the region’s top employment destinations and can help you grow faster as a business with human resource that best fits your employment criteria.

We’re a highly sophisticated search engine linking the right people to the right overseas job opportunities. But more than that, we are one of the region’s few full-service leading recruitment agencies providing end-to-end recruitment solutions to our individual and corporate clients. Want us to take care of interviews and background checks for your potential hires? Or do you want to improve your employability and chances of landing that interview for your dream overseas job? We deliver it all under one roof at Jobsleed.

The employer and jobseeker trust we enjoy in the region today had been earned through perseverance, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in the profession. Our work is never a solution to temporality patch up the employment gaps; it is a solid undertaking that is meant to last long and create a win-win scenario for both the organization and the worker. We are an overseas recruitment agency of choice for thousands of candidates and hundreds of employers in the region which is the results of the trust we have earned over 35 years of serving the industry.

Meeting all your overseas employment needs with excellence

At Jobsleed, our overseas recruitment services are spread across the Asian region and we’re further geared to expand our global footprint. From Pakistan, India, Bangladesh to Dubai, UAE, and the entire GCC region, we have been bridging the human resource demand and supply gaps for decades connecting qualifies professionals to great jobs, and growing companies and businesses to premium human resource.

Based in Pakistan, we have extensive recruitment network across the region with recruiting professionals with deep knowledge of local employment markets working as our team members and associates. Being the leading overseas recruitment agency in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other GCC countries, we also have partnerships with the region’s local recruitment agencies which give us the edge over competition and help us in delivering best-in-class recruitment solutions.

Overseas Employment agencies in Pakistan for Dubai

It is our commitment to excellence that we have grown into one of Asia’s top international recruitment agencies providing thousands of jobseekers with life-changing overseas career opportunities. No one else has linked more professionals to jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other parts of the GCC than we have. Likewise, we continue to be the regional leaders when it comes to the number of recruitment partners in top employment destinations of the Gulf region.

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Jobsleed is the leading recruitment portal in Pakistan and the MENA Africa  Countries,  Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Libya, Iraq, Europe countries, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Poland, Kazakhstan, Middle East Countries & Asia Chain, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Korea, Magnolia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Algeria, region connecting people and excellent job opportunities. With us, both jobseekers and headhunters get better exposure to the right employment and employees. Use Jobsleed today and experience the difference.

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