Job Application: Telecom supervisor in Rawalpindi, Farhat abbas, Pakistan - Ref. 44757
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Product description: Expected Salary. 0 PKR: Telecom supervisor. Jobs(44757), Professional Qualification: Telecom Technician: 1991 to 1992 (At Lahore) Engineering..

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Job Application: Telecom Supervisor & Relevant Jobs Farhat Abbas, Pakistan

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Candidate Name Farhat Abbas
Father Number Abdul Rasheed
Address Rawalpindi, District. Rawalpindi
Gender male
Marital Status married
Date of Birht 5-7-1968
Qualification Matric
Interested Job Telecom
Experience certification
Current Salary 0 PKR
Expected Salary 0 PKR
Posted on 13/08/2017
Location(s) Rawalpindi , Pakistan

Application for the Post of Telecom & Relevant Jobs , Pakistan

Job Description

Farhat Abbas is looking for Telecom jobs in Rawalpindi, Pakistan . Professional Qualification: Telecom Technician: 1991 to 1992 (At Lahore) Engineering Supervisor : 05-08-2004 to 14-01-2005 (At Islamabad) PTCL Job Experience : 22 Years ( PTCL. Cable Development, Cable Planning, Cable jointing and Line & wire Operations Saudi Telecom Job Experience: 4 Years Experience as Telecom Supervisor.2013 to 31-08-2016.