Rahman cotton mills limited in Mardan, Pakistan, Other
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Product description: Rahman cotton mills limited in Mardan, Pakistan.(73), The Yusafzai Industries Limited was established by Mr. Abdul Rahman Khan Hoti of Hoti Nawab family ..

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RAHMAN COTTON MILLS LIMITED, Recruitment Company in Pakistan

Phone No +92-937-552716
Total Staff 1200
Company Type Other
Establish Date 11/08/2015

Recruitment Company, Other Recruitment Agency , Pakistan

Company Intro

RAHMAN COTTON MILLS LIMITED, Other company, Mardan, Pakistan . The Yusafzai Industries Limited was established by Mr. Abdul Rahman Khan Hoti of Hoti Nawab family in 1962 as Private Limited Company. In 1977, it was converted into Public Limited Company. The mill was forced to shutdown by then Management, due to perpetual losses incurred by the Hoti family since 1964. In 1979, Bibojee Group of Companies founded by a renowned industrialist of the country Lt.Gen. (R) Habibullah Khan Khattak purchased the mills from Hoti family. This group of companies is engaged in the manufacturing of a vast range of products, providing employments to thousands of hands directly and many more indirectly through down-stream industries and is making considerable contribution to the National exchequer and the GDP. On transferred of the Management, the name of the mills was changed from “The Yusafzai Industries Limited� to Rahman Cotton Mills Limited. At the time of acquisition, total capacity of the mill was 25,000 spindles. The new management of the company, with untiring efforts converted this loss-making unit into a profit-earning unit. The company has undergone extensive renovations and BMRs during the last three decades and had added/ replaced 62,652 spindles of Rieter - Swiss & A grade Chinese origin machinery along with back process with the investment of over Rupees one Billion. We have now total capacity of 84,996 spindles. Presently the unit is equipped with the latest spinning and processing machinery capable of producing finest quality yarn from Cotton, Viscose and polyester. The company has its in-house gas power generation facility The Company is engaged in the production of Super fine counts of 80s and 100s combed/ carded yarn from extra long staple cotton of USA Pima and CIS origin. We also manufacture and sell yarns of different counts and quality ranging from 10/s to 60/s combed & Carded yarns from Cotton, Viscose and Polyester for Air jet and Conventional looms. All products pass through a stringent Quality Management System and are supervised by well-equipped laboratory checks to ensure conformity to the highest standards. This mills offer employment to about 1200 skilled/ semi-skilled workers in a remote underdeveloped area of the province.