Astra food company ltd in Riyadh, Saudi arabia, Food service
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Product description: Astra food company ltd in Riyadh, Saudi arabia.(62), ASTRA Food Company is a Saudi Limited Liability Company that is comprised of the following ma..

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Astra Food Company Ltd, Recruitment Company in Saudi Arabia

Company Name Astra Food Company Ltd
Phone No 966 1 477 1488
Total Staff 45000
Company Type Food Service
Establish Date 22/06/2015

Recruitment Company, Food Service Recruitment Agency , Saudi Arabia

Company Intro

Astra Food Company Ltd, Food Service company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia . ASTRA Food Company is a Saudi Limited Liability Company that is comprised of the following major divisions: 1. ASTRA Farms Division 2. ASTRA Commercial Division 3. ASTRA Grain Trade Division 4. ASTRA Transportation Division The Farms Division enriches the Company with thousands of hectares of land in the Tabuk area, which provides a wide range of quality fruits, vegetables, livestock and dairy, poultry, plants and flower products. ASTRA Transport Division brings in well maintained fleet that includes modern refrigerated trucks, making timely and insured deliveries of frozen and fresh products, bulk or liquid materials, livestock and poultry. These strengths are further complemented by ASTRA Commercial Division, which was a pioneer in establishing presence in Tabuk area through 10 outlets, automated bakery and the management of SACO hardware branch in Tabuk. The division has a wide range of services including the production and retailing of all kinds of packaged products, wholesale and retailing of food products, clothes, household supplies and kitchen utensils through its sales outlets in Tabuk. Finally, ASTRA Grain Trade Division adds to the Company a wide variety of processed and non processed commodities including rice, pulses, spices, nuts, edible seeds, full cream milk powder, edible oil, dried fruit, coffee, tea, sugar, food additive and ASTRA labeled imported products. The seed of ASTRA Food Company operation started with the Farms Division in the late seventies. Over the years, the Company has grown steadily to become a vertically integrated food chain. This development empowered the Company to succeed in achieving a prominent position among the largest food companies operating in the Kingdom and become one of the earliest self-sufficient player in the Saudi food marketplace. The Company currently employs more than 1,500 employees and have branches covering the major cities of the Kingdom.